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Tramlines highlights 2013

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Tramlines Sheffield 2013

I am always reminded quite quickly how special tramlines can be for our little city. Despite breaking a few traditions this year and not seeing half as many acts as I should have I had a great weekend and feel a need to highlight some amazing musicians and events.
It was really nice to start my weekend with something I had been a part of once back in the day with some artworks. Prism is a collection of art forms brought together for an evening of eclectic happenings. Often moving about Sheffield in regards to locations it plays host to music and live performance arts along with films, sculptures, paintings, photography, drawings and much more and is guaranteed to be a unique experience every time.
Tramlines Prism was no acception in regards to this. It was held within the millennium gallery and was very well presented. The artworks had room to breathe and were very strong. An old friend of mine whom I was showing work alongside at an early prism has recently released music under the name Aches and was performing in the hall area of the gallery. With a good video backdrop I was really glad to be able to see this performance take place.

Links to prism and aches are here.

I was aware at this time that 65 Days Of Static had put together something special to be held in the hall on Saturday and Sunday. Something I regret not going to as I had heard really good things. I look forward to reading about what they had put together and maybe see some footage from somewhere?

After a few rather nice chats with some unanticipated encounters (such a regular experience with tramlines, rather like pulling up a stool at hunters bar and counting how many people you know from direct or indirect routes) we headed of to the cathedral only to be put off with what looked like the biggest confessional cue the likes Yorkshire had ever seen. We killed a few minutes outside whilst watching some youth being young and entertaining us with a few fights and flying words of a selected intent. Bless.

We ended up at the library theatre and caught the last few tracks by a solo act. Although not being my cup of Yorkshire tea I was very impressed. Great lyrically with a good presence, good hat too. David Ford is a great songwriter and I look forward to finding out more about him and his music. I have already seen some nice videos on YouTube.
Like this one

After a few more entertaining encounters and ales I called it a day at that.
I missed the whole of Saturday as I was working and then fell down at the hurdle of getting up and out. I can persuade myself to stay in far to easily these past few years but I had Sunday to look forward to. See what I mean?

What a great surprise I had. After a rather dull shift at work on Sunday I received a text telling me that one of my favorite finds were actually playing at tramlines within the next 3 hours at DQ? I had no idea they were playing so this got me very excited. The band are called This Town Needs Guns, alternatively know as TTNG. I first heard of these when I was doing a video marathon on youtube and they were recommended after I had watched a few tracks from a band that had unfortunately split up a while back called meet me at st louise. This turned out to be one of youtubes finest recommendations as I normally get prompted to titles such as fat kid falls of bike or girl gets hit by Frisbee?
Anyway. I quickly became a fan of TTNG and found out they were also on the same label as Omar Rodreguez Lopez in his various lineups. I was pleased that I got to find out how this all came about after the gig within a rather giddy chat I had with the band.
Unfortunately the sound in DQ went tits up and all the dynamics they clearly rely on got lost in a haze of very loud drums and no vocals. Towards the end of the set it had gotten a tad better but felt it a shame not to have been able to see them with a deserved setting and sound clarity. In my chat with them afterwards I learnt that they are coming back at some point in December as a support act to someone they seemed very keen on playing second fiddle to, so I am look forward to that with great expectations.

So that was pretty much it for my tramlines outings. I was sad to miss Tomassi as they had become a bit of a tradition for me and after I had got home I learnt that Rumpus were also making an appearance later on to. I would also liked to have seen Screaming Maldini, as their track Summer somewhere had been somewhat of a soundtrack to my early summer this year. But then there is always next year and like I always say, I should be better prepared by then, and maybe even involved somehow like I was last year with exposed magazine.

Well if I am not I am going to make sure my brother is…


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