Friday 13 May 2016

Digital Peak District painting prints.

Ay uP

So I have put up a few selected oil paintings as digital prints in my shop.

Please visit me

These are digital prints of selected oil paintings inspired by the Peak District and Derbyshire landscapes.
Giclee print on 230g High White Matt paper through Piezo heads.
Each print will be signed, packaged with tissue paper and sent recorded delivery in a postal tube.

They measure 50cm on the longest length and are between 30cm/35cm on the shortest.

These are printed when ordered so times of delivery may vary but I aim to send them as soon as possible.

Original paintings are available and start at £300, please contact for more information or visit my website at

Thank you so much for all your support, I appreciate it so very much x


Saturday 23 April 2016

Ay uP

I wanted to share with you ten of my favourite shots from two shoots I did for a very talented jewellery maker Chris Boland.
I have been a fan of his work for a while and wanted to do something different with the shoots. They look at times like sculptures themselves, or futuristic, maybe even brutalist buildings, so I wanted to mess around with scale. Using a macro lens on a Sony A6000 I was able to get really close up, almost underneath as to be looking op at something, this worked really well whilst at Stanage North during a sunset, and capturing the light through the gems down the very beautiful Wyming Brook in Sheffield. I had done a shoot there for Scavenger and wanted to see what the rings looked like with a long exposed background of the waterfalls there. Unfortunately the lens on the Canon enabled me from getting up close enough for what I really had in mind but I had fun.
See what you think.

At the bottom of the blog there are a few images I had to take for myself whilst I was there, rude not to yes?


U have updated lots on my website including new paintings, photography, for others and there is even a video. Enjoy x

Click on images to enlarge.

Whilst I was there.


Sunday 3 April 2016

Ay uP

I cant believe it has been that long since my last blog? 
Super busy though so where to start.

I have now a new website up and running that was well over due so I've been putting in some time there which I hope you go and visit if you like my work, click here for the link.

Loads of photography projects including behind the scenes build up for a theatre production called Foolish Mortals. It was on at the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield last month and was fantastic.
(I Will be doing a special on this as there are so many images I would like to share from it)

I have been doing loads of exploring and research work along Stanage Edge in the Peak District these past few months and you can see images in the photography section on my website. I am very much looking forward to Springtime and documenting my adventures out there. My autumn and winter photography really influenced my last series of oil paintings with you also see on my website. I will be updating that section soon as I'm waiting for 5 new paintings to dry at the moment.

Yesterday I was asked to do the photography for the Leading Ladder climbing finals at Awesome Walls Sheffield and wanted to share some of my favourite images from the event with you below. 
You can see more photos if you visit their Facebook site here.
Also a huge well done to all involved with the event, such a great vibe from climbers, volunteers to the all the staff.
I am looking forward to maybe taking part myself in the next leading Ladder competition. Some training maybe needed me thinks.

Enjoy the photos.

here are one or two of my recent landscapes too, for more please visit my new website at

Thank you. 


Saturday 28 November 2015

A monster photo blog and new website launch x

Ay uP

It is finally finished, ready and up for you all to see. 
I am speaking of my new website which has been way over due but it's the first step in making 2016 a very productive year for me. I have also upgraded my camera equipment and am now a studio holder at Bloc Studios in Sheffield. Stay tuned for loads of new works, paintings, prints, music, murals and anything else I get up to in between.

This photo blog contains 
- My photography for Awesome Walls in Sheffield capturing the great student lead climbing competitions put on by BUCS. 
- Photos from a two day shoot for the very talented Scavenger.
- Fletcher Dervish in their studio writing their debut album.
- BMC write up of the BUCS competition.
- Random Peak District exploring.

Please visit my new website for loads of new artworks, photography and films.
(working on music at the moment)

Here are links to all the other mentioned above.