Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hang Em High.

Ay up.

Here is a tip from myself for hanging works flush against the wall within galleries or at home.
It is always worth the effort of doing this and i find the results help to present work at its best and that you have gone that extra step.

I have been asked a few times how to do it and i feel this is well tried and tested 
with me so here is how i do it. 

This method works with box frames and canvases, you can even stick the support beams to the back of most things for the same effect.
I personally like the box frame look as it seems to come away from the wall which helps highlight the image within the frame.

Hold the frame to the wall in its desired place and drop it approximately the width the the back of the frame. Mark with a pencil where the middle of the frame is with a dot  as it may not have been held level and a dot is easy to cover up after you take it down.

Take a piece of wood that will span the length of the inside of the frame at the top of the image.
Put the beam up to the dot with the dot being above the beam. Then, using pre drilled holes, screw in the middle placement. This will allow the beam to still move as it will pivot on the screw. 
Then get a spirit level and place the next 2 screws. This will now be a level beam and also secure.
the green line you can see on the beam is a strip of Velcro. I like to place it the whole length of the beam for more security but placed at either end and the middle will do the job.

Do the same with the Velcro on the inside of the box frame or canvas.
it is important to have a beam that goes the full length of the inside of the frame as it will disperse the weight of the image which is important when framed with glass or using a larger image.

Place the frame on the wall and lower onto the beam. The picture will be secure and flat looking great with no signs of how you hung it.

So there you go, not the best blog post out there but hopefully a useful one.


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