Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The next step.

Ay uP

My new studio space is almost completed. I just need a few shelves, a stool, a rug and then some supplies. It has been an ongoing project for the last two months but well worth the effort, huge thanks for everyone who helped me. I am really looking forward to getting stuck in to some new ideas and, well, just to get back into making.
So what is to come?
New print works, new wood abstract pieces, new canvases, block printing and when I get some cash behind me I will be making a screen printing set up here to. Exciting stuff.
Some amazing photography projects coming soon that I am looking forward to showing you but cant say too much yet.

Here are some other great things and people to look out for.

Go and have a look at Phlegm’s blog. He is going large at the moment popping up all over Europe, amazing projects and talent there.

Emilie Taylor has been busy.

Jo Peel has done an amazing video which you can see on her website.

New recordings from my brothers band fletcher dervish are sounding great and hopefully will be available for audio consumption soon.

Go and visit the Civic Gallery in Barnsley.
Great show on at the moment featuring Dale Holmes.

make sure you get out to see some of the amazing sunsets on show in the peaks at the moment. absolutely amazing heather and red skies.

so lots there for you to see so enjoy and ill check back soon with some new works and news.


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