Wednesday, 27 June 2012

yes I'm still working x

Sometimes you need to take a break and reset the sights. I feel like I am approaching some good times ahead in regards to music and art. Been involved in a few things these past couple of months though which have been great.

1st up was an exhibition at the Coterie Gallery called painting wins again. This was arranged and curated by artist Sean Williams and included works from artists - PAUL BARLOW, RICHARD BARTLE, PATRICK BRIDGE, JIM CURRAN, LESLEY GUY, IRIS HARRIS, WARREN HAYES, DALE HOLMES, DAVID JEWKES, FRANCES LEWIS, DOMINIC MASON, JADE MORRIS, LEA TORP NIELSEN, KATYA ROBIN, HELEN STOKES, JANE WALKER, SEAN WILLIAMS and myself.

FRIDAY 1st JUNE to FRIDAY 29th JUNE 2012

This exhibition is a celebration of contemporary painting.  It highlights the great breadth of painting, from abstract to figurative, from subtle watercolour to gestural oil painting, from cool and conceptual to expressive and experimental.  Even within the terms ‘abstract’ and ‘figurative’ lie many more interesting variations.  ‘Pure Joy’ features both hard-edged abstraction and the more gestural and experimental; for viewers keen on figuration there is portraiture, landscape work, and a number of interesting stops in between.  ‘Pure Joy’ represents an excellent opportunity to see the work of 17 professional artists, each of whom has a strong connection with Sheffield.


The Red Cross Art Auction held at the winter gardens. It was a pleasure to have my work on display here and hope it raises some $ for a great cause.


I am showing two of my works for the 1st time at Cupola Gallery in Sheffield. It is such a great place full of creative ideas and talent in the craft. Download their up and coming shows so you don’t miss out.


Bokfest 2012 is coming soon. This is a creative festival of participation across Film, Music and Art.
Let me know if you are interested in taking part this year.


Here are a few new designs that will hopefully be worked on and screen-printed in the coming few months. The final pieces wont be these but you get an idea of the direction they will be heading in. Very New Mexican influenced.


-I am moving house in august which will see me move into a very creative space in which I can use as a music and art studio so I am really using that as a starting block for me new works. Already very excited though.
-I have work up at Balance and The Old Sweet Shop in Sheffield.
-I have a few T-shirts left so mail me if you would like one.
-Fletcher Dervish demo coming soon (promise)
-New mural coming soon. (Possible video)
-Check out what phlegm has been up to. He’s a busy chap. (link on the right)
-Omar Rodregues Lopez has 2 new albums out and a very generous website which lets you listen to all his albums for free, what a nice dude.
-Loving the new paintings by Bruno 9li

That will do for now wont it J x

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