Tuesday, 15 May 2012

the dervish

Hello there, so its been a while.
Very busy though. since the ma show i have stumbled back into making music and loving it. just got myself the new logic of which i used to use many years ago when i worked at Kenwood Studios in Sheffield. its an amazing bit of kit. its going to take me a while to blow away all the cobwebs but have started a good project to get the ball rolling as it were. my brothers new band go by the name Fletcher Dervish and will be gigging in the near future. i have recorded their demo which will be ready to entertain this month and i have put together a sneak preview video for you.

Art wise i am working through some ideas that will be first seen in a show coming up entitled the joy of painting. i will post more info soon and when the paintings are finished. they are sculptural in form and I'm enjoying making them.
some new t-shirt ideas will be coming soon and will be found at Balance in sheffield, as are some of my illustrations and prints.

also happening in sheffield is something I'm very excited about. and old friend of mine Dean from the band The Miramar Disaster has started a company. they do all sorts from guitar and amp setups to mods and effect boards specifically design for you. the quality they provide is very high and top lads too.

ill be posting some new things soon but looking forward to a productive year. needed a break after the MA. check in soon

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