Monday, 3 October 2011

weathers or not

I am currently looking at the whole concept of experience and what can be created to heighten our perceptions during an event. I was asked recently to help create an environment in the basement of Lush in Sheffield for a new perfume. The perfume was inspired by the events caused by a storm. I ended up building an installation that would be a sound based piece with a moving visual to hopefully distract the viewer from the usual basement environment. These are some pictures taken from the footage I shot near Stanage Edge. A challenge presented itself when the weather was far from storm like, I tried to create a sense of storm like weather by placing a fan behind the screen that was back projected with the film. This provided the screen with a wind like effect and to some degree fooled the visual effect. This joined up with the sound of wind, rain and thunder to become an environment built from different elements to produce a unique place in which to present the focus, which was the perfume and a presentation from artist Taylor le fin.

also did this sculpture for a show in sheffield called 20 by 20. bit more of an experiment than anything else but fun.
anyway, be back soon, off to enjoy the sun x

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