Sunday, 11 September 2011

the manchester way.

Its surprising what jumps out to you when you visit somewhere else for a while. I was painting in Manchester this last week for a painting exhibition at Blank Media Collective, which despite the rain making it hard to complete the painting to how it was intended to be, it was a great experience, and also a good show inside. I then spent a few days sampling the life in and around Manchester. It seemed not to be effected by the recession anywhere near as much as Sheffield and was really nice to see people out and about enjoying themselves. Also in the wake of the riots that had taken place just near where I was staying. Being shown around the areas these had taken place there was little left that you could call evidence of the damage that was created. Sheffield at the moment however looks like the riots where just yesterday and we didn’t even have any? I also really like the “I love Manchester” scheme that has been created as a result of the senseless damage and crime that took place. I had to be told what it was about as everywhere looked like the famous I love New York t-shirt.

I was sad to hear the corner house gallery had to move out. Such a great space and ive seen lots of great shows there, hope they find a great home and carry on. I really enjoyed the cube gallery show at the moment to, I recommend a visit if you are near.

Anyway. on with work. I have lots of ideas coming at the moment and keeping busy. MA will be starting again soon, I am producing and EP for the very talented Nat Mortimer, creating storms in basements for somewhere in town, making a soundtrack for a film for a fellow artist which goes hand in hand with a project I have in mind. Next month I should have lots to share.

See you soon


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