Sunday, 3 May 2015

Prints and Plates at Cupola Gallery.

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Open now is an exhibition showcasing a diverse range of print works, methods, tools and techniques. I am showing my new abstract paintings that I make use and old Copy Press in a way to make one off images. My works are inspired by the landscapes of the Peak District. 

Cupola - Prints And Plates Exhibition. 

Prints and plates is an exhibition showcasing the diverse and myriad processes currently bering used by contemporary printmakers. Not only will a selected range of high quality prints be on display but all the tools, waxes, paper, acid, inks and paraphernalia which goes into making each original work. A press will also be on show and the chance to take part in two printmaking workshops led by locally based artist Sam Groom. Come and see what printmakers get so excited about and all the work that goes into making 'a print'. Printmaking is an often misunderstood art. 

The Show

Catherine Harnett, 

Chris Leviston, 
Claire Lee, 
Clare Bassett, 
Corinna Button, 
Frances Lewis, 
Graham Shapley, 
Henrietta Corbett, 
Imogen Perkin, 
Janet Butyman, 
Jill Ray, 
Katherine Rhodes, 
Lisa Davies, 
Lyn Hodnett, 
Maude Tricker, 
Myfanwy Williams, 
Rosemary A Watson, 
Sam Groom, 
Sarah Harris, 
Simon Robinson.

See more at: 

Cupola Gallery

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