Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Oh Dear Shelter, it has been too long.

Ay uP

It’s been a positive and full month of new photography exploration thanks to a new addition to my photo gadgetry. The new Sony A6000 is great fun and the quality is pretty damn good too, especially for the price range. I upgraded to get some prime lenses and here are a few shots I have taken so far, including a recent trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The new Henry Moore exhibition is great. I especially liked the drawings and smaller sculptures as you enter the indoor gallery. I wasn’t allowed a camera in that bit so I suggest you just go as its really nice.



The Peaks and random.

Some sneaky prop shots from Arthur And Merlin from a recent shoot.
Post production is coming along very well with the trailer almost ready.

I also have started a new wood series and hopefully will have some framing equipment coming soon so should be able to exhibit them by the summer somewhere.
Images coming soon.

The new oil paintings are looking really nice and the new paints  I am using are fantastic at staying really vivid. I will be doing a special blog on these soon.


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