Sunday, 22 February 2015

Press restoration and new oil paintings.

Ay uP

Hello. It has been a very full few months of experimenting and investment. I have lots on the go at the moment including photography, music making and my new oil paint abstract series of which I am showing you a sneak peak below.

A beautiful restoration project landed in my lap about 2 months ago of an old Copy Press. Upon seeing this lovely machine I instantly started having ideas on how to use it but in a unique way, to make one of paintings rather than a series of prints. It took a few weeks to iron out ideas and attempts that hadn't quite worked but now I am starting to really see depth and vibrance in the works. Using very high quality oil paints has been fantastic too. It takes about 2 weeks for one layer to dry enough for the next to be applied but as they build up the tones and shades work really well in creating light, depth and shadows. These works are inspired by landscapes, weathers that effect them and my ongoing photography exploration.

I am working on a whole new series that I am looking forward to showing you in detail. For now here are some pictures of the restoration and some early images of some unfinished works.

Hope you enjoy.


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