Sunday, 30 November 2014

Space Yorkshire Grit Funk Phlegm And Metal.

Ay uP

Been a busy few weeks with work and a bit of R&R of the highest quality. So where do I start?
The first print of the ‘True Grit’ series is now finished. It is a print of an eclectic process which goes something like this - research, photography, sketching, lino printing, screen-printing and the finished with a highlight spray paint to give it a vignetting effect. This first print is inspired from walking around Burbage, Froggatt and Stanage Edge which I am very lucky to have on my doorstep. The image is roughly 30cm by 30cm. they will be put up in my shop asap which is to the right of this page.
Already have more in this series on the go but I don’t have enough hours in the day at the moment.
I hope to have something else ready by the weekend.
Here are some images taken on my phone whist doing the prints.

I had a sweet morning last week in the studio with Sheffield’s finest funk band ‘Hot Diamond Aces’ for their up and coming live video. I am really looking forward to seeing this as it was sounding great even in its raw form. Here are some pictures from the shoot I did for them.

Phlegm was in Sheffield briefly last week and left us with some more treats. I was up early to try and get an amazing sky but it was facing completely the wrong direction as you can see from the images. Still, great work though.

Link to Phlegm


The incredible r&r included ‘Interstellar’ at the Imax, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Especially the flying past Saturn.
Also got to see Masterdon again in Manchester. Absolutey amazing band and really enjoying their new album. Go check them out.

Anyway, like I said, lots more on the way so stay tuned.


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