Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ay uP

Wow what a month it has been.
‘ I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe’ as Rutger once said.
From mythical swordplay with magical caves, to watching a master at work with cans 
of paint and a brush. 


I speak of the filming of Arthur and Merlin and being on location of a brand 
new 3D installation by Phlegm.
Doing photography really does put you into some great situations and you tend to meet some really incredibly talented people along the way too.
What the cast and crew of the film have achieved in 4 weeks is absolutely incredible and I really feel proud to be a small part of the journey.
Unfortunately I can’t bring you any pictures of the filming just yet (hopefully soon) but I am itching to show you them.
But I can bring you some shots of Phlegm’s new piece made as part of the Festival Of The Mind that is currently sweeping across Sheffield as we speak.
It is the forth in a series of installations that come to life through 3d elements and structures. I can't wait to see how these develop as there seems to be very few boundaries with imagination here.
It is such a fun piece to explore as it really feels like you have stepped into one of the pages of the Phlegm world. I was still seeing new things after the second day of shooting, fantastic.

You can also see more work if you go Here



New screen print coming very soon.


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