Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Post Bok and random explorations.

Ay uP

This years Bokfest’s highlight had to be seeing the rings of Saturn for the first time with my own eye. I recall seeing a programme not so long back with that Professor Cox fella in which he stated that seeing Saturn is an experience that stays with you. This was certainly the case with me. Looking through a telescope we had just man handled out the back of a van and not so carefully placed in front of an open fire we started to look naively at a brief clearing in between the clouds. It was still so small and void of colour but so perfect. It could have easily been a fake slide put into the end of the viewing lens but this was real. Very real, whatever that means. I love it when something unexpectedly drops a bomb amongst everything you think you feel comfortable with but leaves you feeling inspired and somehow energised.

We were once again graced with the talents of Marcus Lovadina, this man is a bit bloody special and I for one cant wait to see what he comes up with on the journey that is Myrrdin.
Please go and have a look at his blog.

We saw an extended trailer for a new film called ‘Hackneys Finnest’. It has been fantastic to watch its progress through past Bokfests and has its world premiere in London this month. There may also be one or two tickets left, but hurry if you want to go as they are disappearing Fakin fast mate.
Good luck guys.

Dragon Throne up date.

Here is a small video documenting the thrones progress for Myrrdin. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the film.
Sculptured by the very talented Lorraine Botterill.


Hot Diamond Aces photo shoot here.
They are really turning heads at the moment with every live performance they do, their tracks are available to listen to and purchase here.

Stay tuned for more HDA news and shows coming soon.


I managed to see ‘Foundling’ on his UK tour at the Red House which was great.
Follow the link to hear the 6-track album.

Wake up in Bits is a collection movements made with analogue and digital synthesizers, pedals, tape loops, samplers and saxophone.
2013 - 2014

But what am I up to?

I am still hard at work on the new series of peaks inspired screen-prints and paintings, which are finally starting to come together. I am working on some music projects at the moment so  akin my time to develop my ideas. I will reveal progress with this when it starts to take shape.

Here are some of my recent explorations.


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