Sunday, 12 January 2014

Devon Sea Air and Under the Bed Sale at CUPOLA GALLERY

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Well its been a busy start so far and lots of adventures. 
I recently had a great few days with my camera down visiting family in Devon. 
I had my cousin doing all sorts of dangerous things but he says he had fun so i don't feel to bad. 
(wire wool spinning of the highest quality)
The following pictures are selection of what we got up to.

It was the first either of us had tried wool spinning and had a lot of fun learning what worked best. The location was fantastic for it. We had the whole beach to ourselves when it started to get dark. It had  caves, a wet beach which was great for the reflections and the weather was also very kind to us. I can't think of a better location to try out all sorts of photography techniques. The moody colours going out to a rough sea and a water fall behind the beach making a river cascading down to the waters edge. 
Man Sands is 100% worth a visit.

Here are some more pictures from my adventures in Devon last week with a huge thank you to my family who's hospitality is second to none and especially my cousin Greg for his location scouting, very accurate and wild wool spinning and for thinking to bring the sausages whilst getting up at 6:30 which was genius.

Also before I left for Devon I got in a nice sunrise at Burbage. I am currently experimenting with ND filters and have lots to learn but I am loving it. Plus it gets me out there at daft times and weathers. All good for the soul as it were. I also had a little company for 20 mins whilst the sun was coming up.


So as if that was not enough for one blog post I am very excited to tell you about an art sale to be held at the Cupola Gallery in Sheffield which starts Tuesday 14th jan and ends 1st February. I have 15 pieces there for sale so if you would like to pick up an original piece of art for a bargin that is the place to head to this month. loads of work by all sorts of artists.

I have lots more happening soon but i will leave thou with that for now.


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