Sunday, 14 June 2009

writers block

big plans are finally in motion for this year. its been hard to get the ball rolling after the course ended this year, there really doesnt seem to be any enthusiasm around in sheffield or maybe im just looking in the wrong places, who knows? these things i cant share at the moment but will be cool if it comes together.

writers block can be hard to get by, in the past whenever i came across it it boils up in a negative way and stops the creative flow. often what happens now if i hit a bit of a mental block i set myself some daft things to do that dont take much time but often lead me to make fun of myself. like the 1 minute film below i made in 1 hour. this can really work as it puts your mind in a completely different place and can distract from the problem which is often just a case of over thinking.

i have some new work at TOAST at the forum in sheffield so call in if your passing by.

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