Monday, 29 June 2009

sun stroke and box collecting

currently moving house wich is proving a bigger task than 1st thought. i have way to much stuff and feel like tourching it all and starting a fresh. maybe change my name and claim im from cuba, long story. i have had time to get a new screen print together wich i hope to be getting about soon. each one is slightly bigger than A1 and hand painted aswell as screen printed. only 15 of these will be sold.
the coop is a new cafe on london road with a promising approach to the comunity, im looking forward to seeing the plans there ive had an inside scoop on.
the old sweet shop has an exhibition starting this saturday the 4th with Rocket1, a very talented man with a can, look forward to seeing what he does in the shop.
millenium and site gallery are host to new exhibitions that are both well worth a look.
and mars volta's new album is a grower but its infected me well now and i cant stop playing it loud, let it get you.
new drawings coming soon, just let me settle in my new home and ill be on it, or cuban.

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