Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Venice then x

Ay up

Yes i am off to venice again. I love it there. I think it is probably the most visually stunning place i have been to in regards to it being so interesting and beautiful everywhere you look. There is just so much to take in from the crumbling houses, small quiet bridges framing small canals to the open waters and landscapes. In preparation i have been for a wonder with my camera and some new filters so i can get some good water effects going on, here is what i came back with. I am sure ill be posting some venice shots when i get back.

Also, a shot of the Bokwall in progress. turns out its the largest painting I've done at 12ft by 12ft.
cant wait till its finished so i can get to some serious training, i have unfinished business at Rubicon from 1996.



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