Sunday, 13 January 2013

just a thought before bedtime,

Matter beyond thought.

What occupies space?
It would seem that in my experience in talking about this matter with people, some would be happy with the word “nothing”.
I find nothing hard to digest as someone whom flirts with the concepts of creativity and things.
We know that within our atmosphere there is definitely something occupying the invisible space between objects and ourselves. We know its there as we can feel its drag upon us when we move and that we need its contents to breathe and live. Equations we have made and measured as a result of it in relation to everything it is in contact with i.e. resistances and forces, But what of that in outer space?
Much now is talked about dark matter and energy. This is spoken about in a way of existing within a universe. What I cant stop thinking about is light. A simple way to dismiss the diagnosis that “nothing” as space can exist would be to think that where ever we were in space we would be able to see stars, galaxies, space debris and planets and so on. So where ever we were in space there would be light occupying that location and we would only have to be there to receive it for us to acknowledge its existence in that area of space.
So is light everywhere?
Evidence would tell us that our known universe is expanding and also accelerating. To what and where is a question that is very much still in the playground of theory and ideas, but one thing I find really interesting is that when we talk of or think of our universe It becomes an object, one with edges, regardless of it expanding or not. So what would happen if we were to step beyond the edge and look at our universe? Would we be able to see it? Sure we would but for how long would we have to travel in order to not be able to see any light source given out by our universe? The idea of beyond our universe has to now be beyond the light of our universe. Picture us traveling so far out that the universe becomes smaller than a grain of sand, then go a little bit further so that point of light becomes invisible to see or detect. Are we then left with space? Space we know has the potential to be occupied in but does their need to be something giving energy or mass for it to be a conceivable thing?

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