Thursday, 19 January 2012

MA final degree show 2012

MA show at Bank Street Arts 2012

My work is the result of processes that incorporate forms of abstraction. My love of exploring abstract art has evolved into a way in which I can alter my connection with something I would describe as having experienced in person. Finding a balance of the representational and purely ambiguous form I try and capture something that will be visually engaging to the viewer but hold within it the sense of personal interpretation. It is impossible for me to give my experiences to the viewer but through art I can create a platform, in which I invite the viewer to play, enjoy and make of the work what they want, to inspire imagination if you will.

I have a huge love of landscapes both urban and rural and spend a lot of time working out how they affect me and how I understand them. By exploring my experiences and memories helped by digital means such as photography and art programs I can begin new dialogue with interpretation and my preconceived awareness.

Aesthetics, materiality, experience, process, object and medium all play a part in what inspires me to explore methods of translating my understandings and interpretations of sources that physically surround me. This is close to saying that I use abstract art as a way to disassemble my apparent experienced knowledge of something and then reengage with what I thought I had interpreted.

In the past two years I have become interested in the concepts of dialogue and language, especially when applied to viewer and art object. Interpretation is key in this notion as language is the tool in which we begin to understand what we are looking at or engaging with. Vocabulary will no doubt have an impact on what we think we know about something and I believe this will impact on the choices we think we make for ourselves. What I try to explore within my work is not a lingual form of representation but a visual presentation that form dialogue through individual interpretations, to turn representation into ambiguous visual forms and vice versa.



This is an exhibition I have put together that aims to show how abstraction can be used as a form of research into the reengagement of things we are familiar with. Primarily I wanted to generate a space in which the viewer has the opportunity to follow one person’s engagement with landscapes and environments. Instead of a single piece of work representing an artist’s concept I want the audience to be submerged into place of on going thoughts and development of ideas, for them to play with and hopefully create their own unique dialogue through interaction and interpretation of ambiguous natured artworks.

The show consists of digital photographic manipulations that question the concept of photography, object and the seemingly throw away nature of digital media. Given that it is so easy to create images these days what can be done to draw the attention back to something as simple as a landscape photograph, to destroy the illusion from digital representation and give back a sense of exploration and experience to the new generated object.

My on-going crosshatch series inspired by skies and mass repartitions within both nature and man made objects. These drawings invite the viewer to decipher their own world through different textures and shades that help objects appear like that of making images out of cloud formations.

My new platform paintings play with architectures, landscapes and perspectives commonly seen in windows, rooms, corridors, streets etc. by reducing these layers to lines or block colours I can generate depth and form free of specific representation but that rely on the viewer to transform the flat spaces into a 3d realm in which you can envisage yourself physically exploring.

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