Monday, 22 August 2011

august then x

The act of turning into form the subject of observation. Sitting in town and watching things interact with things. The bins filling up near the sandwich shop, the cues coming and going at the bus stops, the people working on window displays to try and catch the eye of possible customers, the birds eating the remains of some ones quick bite at lunch, the pavements channeling people like farm animals giving a reassurance of security and right of way, the disappearing puddles of water from a just past rain cloud, the noise of what could only be described as the ambience of a passing chaotic moment followed by another.

The drawings I have made whilst sat here are not going to give the audience these experiences, they will not see the people I have seen, they cannot hear the noise or smell the air from this wall I sit on. In reading this you well see your own bins and birds, your own bus stop and shop windows. In seeing the drawings you will not know of anything I have just spoken of without reading about them. As an artist I can make suggestive marks or place language in or around the object such as titles to give just enough information to set a scene if I feel one is needed. Can I then look at general things we can relate to as an audience?

I am often drawn to flows of things, shapes and distances when I come to make artwork. I am keen on giving as little information out as I can because want the viewer to have a similar experience like that of reading a book or poem. How many times have you heard people say the book is way better than the film? This I believe is down to the reader being able to build up the world of language and make it his or her own. As soon as someone tries to capture their view of the scenes set by the words they begin to take away the readers own world and in many cases this will fall short of the from the fantasy world of the reader. My process of sitting and watching isn’t to represent the experience I am taking onboard but to be inspired by what stands out to me at that time. This then becomes thought, and thought becomes form in the shape of whatever I feel would be the best way to represent these interpretations.

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