Tuesday, 28 June 2011

electric fan sales are up this week...

its been a tad warm of late but there has been some incredible skies to work with. i have a few things to share with you at this moment. the 1st being a sculpture i made at Bokfest. it is designed to not change how we engage with scenery rather how we begin to notice things when they are presented to us in different ways. by framing specific views in vast areas we start to take in details rather than blurring the information that sometimes have the ability to overwhelm our senses. here is footage of that sculpture.

here are some more examples of my digital artworks i am working on at the moment.

hope your all keeping cool if your in yorkshire, its not often i say that but make sure you take on the aqua. my new works are being shown on the moor from this friday but ill post images as and when i can if you cant make it down. x

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