Wednesday, 29 September 2010

u term

in the midst of sorting a studio out and settling into the new house, getting set for the MA so ive not had much time to put new things up here. been busy making things though. below is an example of the new photography and sculpture project, using 00 scale models i will be making scenes that hopefully will trigger emotions both good and bad. stay tuned for more on those as its very early doors.
the mural was left in santa fe, new mexico where i was lucky enough to stay for 2 weeks last month. the sky at 7000 ft is incredible as you can see in the pictures, they are in now way edited either, it really is that dark above you and almost white at the mountains. whilst i was painting the mural i was surrounded by blue tailed lizards and humming birds, an incredible place to paint.
i have some other projects im working on at the moment but not sure where im going with them at the moment, they are to do with sign and settlements, the picture from the plane to chicago shows the farms and buildings from along way above and i just like how it looks so organized and plotted out like a game almost. anyway.
starting the MA next week and hopefully the studio will start soon, lots to look forward to.
soons x

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