Sunday, 21 February 2010

The big catch up

Ok then, what’s been going on?

Uni is coming to the end and I have degree shows in mind. Every year there are fund raising events we have to put on to help with the final show. I have put together a two colour a2 screen print and you can get them for just £20 all proceeds go towards the degree show.

Lots of ideas are flying around at the moment and I am just experimenting with videos and photography and seeing where it takes me.

I will be doing some live drawing at bungalows and bears this Monday and there are allsorts of things going on, bands, artists and hopefully that beautiful bar maid x.

This is a commission I did over December

exciting things are on the way, I am hopefully getting a hold of a projector soon, some ideas are starting to brew up nicely.

I am working on a T-shirt I hope to get out within the next month or so.

Until next time I loves you all.

ps, yes Ninio will be performing for one night only soon somewhere ???

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