Friday, 21 August 2009

ever thought anything?

I have finished some big scale drawings to continue the series im working on recently. They are coming on nicely. I do need to get a show somewhere soon as i have 0 space in my room and the drawings are starting to stare at me, maybe i should stop watching David Lynch films for a while?

Im working on some new ideas for videos at the moment and starting to get my mindset back towards Uni.

What else has been going on?

I went to see the new Yes Men film at the showroom which is well worth a watch, tragically funny. It was good to be at the Q&A with them in Sheffield as well. A big well done to Sheffield as not much comes her way anymore.

Site gallery in Sheffield has an exciting new show coming soon.

A birdie told me that Butter Brain are playing in September...

Kid acne is curating a graff show in Sheffield at archipelago gallery in town very soon.

Check out a band called Crystal Teetheart, a three piece band with 2 basses duelling over pretty fat beats, great stuff.

Phlegm is very busy working on his books, i can’t wait to see them. Go to his website and have fun.

Millennium gallery has a good show on at the moment.

On my links bit check out Bruno’s new website and the new video Lucy has recently done, very good stuffs all round.

See yall soon

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