Sunday, 5 April 2009

bbq ahoy

ay up.
needed a garden table and had loads of wood left after the show on the moor.
i sence bbq'z ahead, good times.
in doing this i realised how much i like painting on wood so i maybe putting some things up soon.

the tshirt auction went realy well and was glad i could contribute something, the night raised alot of money for the 3rd years at hallem, congratulations x
on a funny note i found that my exhabition had been sabotaged by phlegm, you can find his work through the links on the right. go have a look and make sure u see his blog, his new work is fantastic.any way, i have far to much work to do on the reading and writing side of things so ill post anything if i get bored and paint instead, likely to be honest x

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