Tuesday, 10 February 2009

cold feet

snow days. my arm actualy still hurts from throwing snowballs last week. good times.

so, been abit busy lately. not much to show you in the form of pics though. im doing a new screen print this week wich has taken an american indian twist as its for my aunt in santa fe, its looking sweet to. ive put this vid together for art in the pub this thursday. and im 1/2 way through planning some exciting projects. ooooooo more to be anounced later. enjoy the vid, bye for now x


  1. sick stuff man. well impressed. all about masking tape business!

  2. I think your next business should be the DUCT tape!
    In my teen years, I made a wallet and a skirt out of that stuff. My brother made a tux for his grad.(Took 5 rolls) His friend taped his bumper back together on his car with it and it kept together.

    So really, is there anything duct tape won't do?

    keep up the good work with your innovations!