Friday, 31 October 2008

fickle britten

so then, has anyone this side of the Galaxy not heard of the bbc this week. ross and brand that is. its time like this i get a lil bit angry at how easily people can get manipulated into thinking their opinion counts. in a week or so it will die down to the point that no one cares again and something else will have to sell papers to make arseholes money. oh and if your one of the people that complained, kill yourself, please. you couldn't find anything better to do with your time. i could go on for along time on how unimportant your existence really is but it wouldn't go in would it. your wrapped up so snugly in societies blankets to see the world in a better way, and to be bothered about things that matter. in other words - twat
any way rant over.
looks like the exhibition im doing on the 11th maybe changed to a different day. im not gonna make guesses but ill post it when i know more things.
this thing is still not letting me post pics so still no images to show you, sorry.
if you see me out and about i maybe in a better mood as we now have heating again in the house. my lord it got cold there for a while. having no gas for 2 months in winter sucks. if your in that situation then i can sympathize but go get a hot water bottle, i saved my soul with one of them.

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